JPY Consulting AB

What is JPY Consulting AB?

JPY Constulting AB is mainly a computer consultant company. The core of the company is everything you can do with the BMC Remedy Action Request System, like installation/application development/performance and tuning/trouble shooting/integration.

Also have long experience with programming in many different languages, C/C++/Perl/Java, on windows/linux/unix.

What is core*ar Evolution?

core*ar Evolution is a tool for development, maintenance and documentation of BMC Remedy Action Request System applications. We use this tool for faster and better structure in the BMC Remedy Action Request System application development. Soon there will be a smaller version of Evolution available. Also look at the full-text google like search.

What is BMC Remedy Action Request System?

It is a client server software application suite, with a rapid application development environment that enables the developers to create GUI and workflow in an application. There is both a windows native client and a web client. The server is available for different platforms and can use the most popular databases.

You can read more about BMC Remedy Action Request System following these links.

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